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Contacts for Everyone


Wondering if contacts might work for you?

Contact lenses provide freedom from glasses,

better peripheral vision,

and you may achieve clearer vision than with glasses.

We work with all major contact brands

and therefore have a wide variety of

contact lens materials to work with

as we find your perfect fit.

Different contacts for different needs...


Most mainstream daily, biweekly, and monthly contacts are classified as "soft"

Gas Permeable:

"Hard" contact lenses that provide better vision for those with higher prescriptions


Larger hard lenses for severe dry eye patients and post-refractive patients (after LASIK/PRK) who have issues with blurred or doubled vision with glasses or soft contact lenses


For those with little or no astigmatism


For those with astigmatism


For those looking to correct both

distance and reading vision 

  • Presbyopic adults who are having eyestrain at the computer or while reading

  • Children with focusing problems while reading

  • For myopia control to help prevent near-sightedness from worsening

Already love contacts?

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